Golden Fall Weekend

Hello folks,

this time I will show you guys the beauty of Leipzigs southern province.
I planned some pastime after I have received the message that one of my friends from Frankfurt will be visiting the weekend.

We explored the area around south of Leipzig with the beautiful lake cospuden (Cospudener See). A place which is perfect to drive around with a bike during fall or to have a swim during summer.

So we have been quite lucky with the weather situation and got to see the ingenious golden fall around. We climbed up a little tower right in the middle of nature to see the countryside as well as the city next to it.

Another strange but cool moment was the one when we passed some buffaloes, (just 20 minutes by bike from Leipzig!) very unexpected, short after we have been continuing our bike trip. So this was a very nice and decent weekend with a lot of sunshine.

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Bag: Status Anxiety | Shirt: Asos | Shorts: J.Lindeberg | Shoes: Vanishing Elephant

So you guys,
this time I temaed up with Status Anxiety.
A brand that is focused on leather goods. I am always critical about any kind of leather goods, but Status Anxiety is the best example of how one should deal right with the topic.
Have a look at there products here if you wanna see for yourself here

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Born Original


What is it about?

It’s about feeling confident and good in what you wear.
Seeing the world with your own eyes, showing people the way you live.
The beauty of nature & achievements of the human kind that are expressed through all the diverse cultures around the world.

I wanna take you on a journey.

Being able to express yourself with your own sense of style feels good and right.
It is not just what you wear but also how you do that.

And you, when will you be born?

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Blazer: RumJungle | Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Tie: Tailorconcept | Trousers: Rumjungle | Shoes: Guido Maggi


Shoes: Gudio Maggi

Shop a similar look here

So you guys,
I am back,after one week of complete absence, except from my instagram.
I have been on a trip through Bulgaria with my dear friend Robert.
More about that later.

First of all I have to say that I acquire a taste for dressing up a little dapper again.

This time I teamed up with Gudio Maggi, an italian shoebrand with handmade & customized shoes and Rum Jungle Italy.

So it is all about Italian menswear styling this week.
Let me know what you think about it & drop me a mail.

Have a nice day x



Shop the look here:

|| Jacket: Acne Studios| Trousers: Acne Studios | Shoes: Siox ||


Hello folks,
it’s been a while since I posted something on the blog, but now I’m back with a lot of new content.
A new feature as well is that you are now able to get alternative garments that are similiar to the ones I wear by clicking on the description below the look.

I adjusted my look to the cold and rainy weather we still have in Germany.
But summer hopefully will show up soon.

Have a nice day!